Try surfing in Irish surf capital – Bundoran

Surfing in Ireland can be surprising to hear for most of the people, who have in their mind a picture of Hawaii or Australian surfers in mind.

Thanks to our Irish friends, we managed to try surfing in the land of green landscapes and it was just stunning. Bundoran got called a surfing capital of Ireland in the last few years, which isn’t a surprise given the availability of really wide sandy beaches. Our favourite is a Tullan beach – with sandy bottom, all tides and suitable for both beginners and advanced. Depending on your level and the tide time, you have a wide variety of beaches to visit.

Bundoran beaches are suitable for all surfing levels


There is nothing to be afraid of in terms of cold water. The rental wetsuits are really thick. If you add gloves, boots and hoodie, as a result you can spend even up to 4 hours in the water.

Here is to plan surfing weekend in Bundoran:

We went to Bundoran 2 times in a period of 7 months, comparing 2 distinct seasons. In September we joined an organized group and in April,  we have decided to test out a DIY version, both in collaboration with Surf&Turf lodging and school.

Both versions are really great:

  • Surf & Turf organized:

You join a team of other surfers travelling from Dublin, Surf&Turf orgnizes for you: transport, stay in their lodge (twin/double or dorm), one 2 hour lesson per day with their instructors. Total 160EUR/per person for the entire weekend.

  • DIY version:

You can rent a car in Dublin, which can be as cheap as 20 EUR for a weekend. Double room at surf&turf costs 60EUR per night, surfboard and wetsuit 20EUR/day. A total of 130-140 EUR including fuel, nevertheless you are really independent. A nice thing about this option is that surf&turf guys will give you a soft rack for the boards to mount on the car’s roof, hence the transport is very easy.

Bundoran town has it’s own positive vibe, so go out in the evening and explore:

    • Maddens Bridge Bar & Restaurant – love their Oysters and a world class Chowder
    • Brennan’s – Oldest pub in the village, over 117 years old and owned by one family. Wonderful atmosphere and people. there’s no music, no singing, no cursing and no TV. It’s a wonderful place to sit and enjoy a great conversation. One of the owners – grandma sister, still helps at the bar and chat with people.

I don’t think I have to convince you more 🙂 Pack your swimsuit and drive to Bundoran for a weekend.

Yoga after surf
Mounting surfboards at Surf&Turf Lodge
Beautiful sunset
From the sky and cliff
Getting ready


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