about us

Hi everyone!

We are Ania and Pawel and somehow you ended up on our site. Glad you came!

Engineers and Project Managers by profession, we are not yet another couple that ‘sold out everything and went travelling’. We do actually enjoy a lot our tech jobs, but being both travel enthusiasts, we ended up travelling not only to see each other (oh yes, Ania is in Ireland and Pawel in Paris), but also because we thrive while doing it together. 

We have decided to start writing (what is a better way to improve writing, if not continuous writing?) and hope that people similar to us will enjoy the DIY camper van & travel content we will be posting here. When visiting new places, we struggle with finding DIY tips: whether it’s a trekking with GPS, renting equipment, prices, day by day itinerary etc. We thought that our experiences could be a benefit for others. So here we are!

Our main project now, apart from moving to the same European country soon, is to enhance our lifestyle even more, by building DIY camper van and feel even more freedom 🙂 Stay tuned!